Dating for the purpose of marriage is too sensitive topic to be limited to standard security measures on the site. We have analyzed all
aspects of this process, to avoid any undesirable moments that could in any way harm visitors to our Agency, even if they are advanced
users and are able to take care of their digital security themselves.
First of all, security measures when entering your Personal Account
Admittedly, most people use names and passwords that are easy for them to remember. Moreover, this data is not always kept in a sufficiently secure place.
To protect your confidential data, we have provided a so-called “two-factor authentication system” on our website, which is not limited to entering a name and password. In addition to this, we send a special one-time code to your mobile phone (or your email), which needs to be dialed for entering your online Personal Account.
Even if you lost your username and password, or hackers managed to guess them using special computer programs, no one will be able to access your personal data, since an additional code is sent to your mobile phone, which, we hope, is always with you.
Another aspect is correspondence with our Agency
We do not use any computer programs to correspond with visitors to our Agency. And we don’t recommend you doing so. Information is exchanged with you within the Agency, in your Personal Account. All informative messages come only to your Personal Account, and only an invitation is sent to your mobile phone or home computer to enter your Personal Account, where a confidential message awaits you.
Wherever you are at this moment (at home, on the road, at work), no matter how reliable the Internet connection in this very place may seem, no matter how much you trust the people around you, it is still better not to store confidential correspondence in a place, where someone else besides you can access it.
Communication with your potential chosen ones
When filling out the Questionnaire in your Personal Account, we ask you to indicate the qualities that your chosen one should have. In addition, we ask you to provide some information about yourself (extremely dosed), which we believe may be of interest to other visitors to our Agency.
We place some of this information on the Presentation page, which is created in close cooperation with you. Then, solely with your consent, we send this Presentation to potential Candidates.
But we don’t even include your name in this Presentation! You will yourselves disclose your name to the potential Candidate, within an online meeting with him/her.
You can be sure that leakage of this information to the public is excluded, since in the Personal Account of your potential Candidate there is no technical ability to copy your Presentation or resend it to his/her mobile phone. Only those whom you allowed to see your Presentation, will be able to appreciate your successes in life, recognize your virtues, and understand (and accept) your system of values.
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Secure apps recommended by us
There are many instant messengers and email apps in the world. If, during cooperation with our Agency, you need applications for confidential communication and transfer of information, which equipped with the latest security features and resistant to cyberattacks, you should pay attention to the THREEMA messenger and the ProtonMail mail service.
Both applications are 100% Swiss and are outside of the USA and EU jurisdictions. Both applications have their own servers in several locations in Switzerland; all their software is developed in-house in Switzerland, and no work is outsourced.
You can learn more about recommended by us Swiss apps for online communication, and about their unique technical characteristics at the following addresses:
ProtonMail (