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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the international dating site!

We understand how difficult it is to come to a marriage agency located on the next street. Communicating with “professional” employees, whose appearance and speech manner do not always endear you, answering questions of a personal nature, sitting in a chair that was just occupied by someone else whom you bumped into at the door...

But filling out a form on the website is psychologically easier, when your information is sent to a closed database.
The confidentiality is complete, and there are no moments that cause your embarrassment or rejection.


Was offered before us

In general, dating sites won’t surprise anyone these days. A lot of them. There are a lot of them!
Sites for young ladies [exclusively] who want to meet rich foreigners... Does not this remind you of anything?
Sites for organizing public events, where a woman [for a lot of money] purchases a «minute of fame», during which she must tell about herself in front of an online audience of anonymous suitors. It’s called a «bride fair», but it looks like a slave market.
Websites for those wishing to move through marriage to the so-called countries of emigration: Germany, Great Britain, Canada, USA, Australia.
Sites for those who prefer to communicate, for example, in French language only,.. a site for dating based on ethnic, religious principles,.. for those who want to flirt,.. and many other options.
Our «International Marriage Agency» is an international dating site for everyone, without
building boundaries on the Internet, without creating artificial barriers.
Our mission – to connect hearts.

People usually marry those, who are close to them in spirit, and this is not always a fellow believer (the world knows many examples of mixed marriages), and your chosen one does not always speak the same language with you (even a common language often does not help building a strong family), and this is not necessarily a foreigner (it happens that through a dating site people find each other in the same city, on the next street).
How to understand the variety of offers on the
Internet, how to avoid falling into the clutches
of scammers?

Internet scam

Sometimes the dating sites boast about the number of clients in their database and publish their photos in the public domain. And any rogue contacting you, may first ask for your phone number. Do you understand what the consequences of such acquaintances may be?

It would be worth mentioning the newest, and therefore the most harmful, scam invention – the use of neural network technology, when a website of the marriage agency is managed by the artificial intelligence (AI), which is sending out very kind, convincing letters, simultaneously to millions of victims, who naively placed their personal data on the public domain.
Other dating sites publish photographs of models with a Hollywood smile, and when you come to a meeting, you are offered to sign up for an elite «club of business contacts», for a lot of money.

Or they convince you to undergo a consultation with their in-house psychologist, sexologist, and God knows who else (with a major, “highly paid specialist” who will help men “increase his self-esteem” and women “find a man of her dreams”).

And how about meeting someone, whose photo you saw on the site?
It looks like no one here is going to help you finding your soulmate – they’re just interested in your wallet. They didn’t have any candidates to meet!
Dating sites are full of photographs of men and women, holding a baby, or in military uniform, scantily clad girls, or alpha males with a naked torso – a well-known psychological technique for zombifying a potential victim.

By contacting our Agency, you will not find yourself in such a situation. All our clients (not only those, whose photos are marked with an asterisk!) undergo preliminary identification.
We do not publish those who impersonate other
people, or behind whom is the company selling
diapers, or who gets acquainted with the goal
of offering you anything: from used phones
to a tourist trip.

What we offer

We offer not only VIP dating, exclusively with large businessmen or top managers. Among our clients there are people of different income, different social level, different age, who simply want to develop a family.
Don’t be confused by your appearance: not everyone can be a fashion model. And in general, 10% of respondents say that they like plump people... another 80% are simply embarrassed to admit it.
Don’t let your age embarrassing you – the life is just beginning!
And at the age of 50, and at 60, and at 70, people find their soulmate; you can’t imagine how many lonely people there are in the world, and how much demand there is for the age of wisdom, when people are able to listen and hear others, are able to understand and forgive.
If at your 30-40 years old you are not lucky yet, you will be lucky the next day. Just register on our website!
Only you, during an online video date on our website, will decide whether this or that candidate is suitable for you, whether you are ready to meet him or her “live”.
Don’t doubt – we are not artificial intelligence, and our clients are real, living people, seeking their soulmate.
Believe in yourself, in your intuition
and in your life experience!
On the International Marriage Agency website you can meet and communicate with interesting people from all over the world. Do not be embarrassed by your poor knowledge of foreign languages: the language will come when you begin communicating with your chosen one in real life circumstances.
Rest assured – we do everything so that with us you communicate with real people, for real acquaintances, with the aim of getting married.

Working within the framework of Swiss law,

we organize dating meetings confidential,

comfortably and, most important, securely.

Find your life partner right now!